Debt Enforcement

Creditors may benefit from the states’ power to collect their money due, arising from  a court order, cheque, bill, contract and etc. by applying to the debt enforcement offices. There are several debt collecting mechanism that the creditors may benefit, such as seizure of debtor’s movable/immovable goods, garnishee on debtor’s wages, to collect debtor’s receivables from the third parties. Still, things might not go smooth as it is expected; in some instances, the debtor may transfer her/his movable or immovable properties to a third party with simulated transactions in order to prevent the potential seizures on them; in Sözer Law Office, we have been dealing with such incidents widely and have gained an extensive experience on provisional seizures and cancellations of transactions, which give way to cancel the simulated sales and re-obtain or re-register the properties on behalf of our clients’.